How can I help your landscape?

Do you have dreams and aspirations for the landscaping around your home? Have you wondered how you can help your landscape? Do you want to be more confident in managing your home landscape?

Are you getting that immaculate look you want, perhaps that television golf ideal?

Are you at little short of time and resources, but still want to enhance your property and home?

Do you want to reduce the environmental impact of your landscaping activities?

I can help you set landscaping priorities and demonstrate how to do tasks so you can achieve your goals.

Pile of grass clippings

If you use a landscape maintenance company, you might wonder if the services you are purchasing are worth the investment.  With specialized help and direction, you can assess those services as you work to achieve your landscape “dreams and aspirations”.

If you have yellowing trees in your yard, I can provide both advice and treatments to improve their overall health.

Chlorotic maple

I have focused much effort on this issue, since time for treatments is limited before a chlorotic tree will rapidly decline and die.

In our area, it is important to use our water resources wisely.  One way to conserve water is installing an automatic rain sensor which will turn off your sprinklers when it rains. This device will save valuable water and reduce your water bill.

Rain sensor

I can provide this service for homeowners in and around the Ft. Collins, CO area.